About Precious

Mission Statement: At Precious Kreations, Inc., we ignite empowerment, enlighten through education, and roar for advocacy. We're the stylish voice championing diversity, resilience, and indomitable spirit for all. Hand in hand, we rewrite narratives for those with Down Syndrome, disabilities, and celebrate every color, race. Stand with us - let's make the world shine brighter!

Vision Statement: To bring awareness to Down Syndrome and other physical disabilities so that individuals and families can provide support and encouragement to those living with disabilities and aid them in living healthy, productive and full lives.

In the whirlwind of 2020, amidst the quiet streets and hopeful hearts, Precious, bright with dreams and her mother's warmth, brought to life Precious Kreations, Inc. Born of courage and care, our space cherishes every person's sparkle, with joyful jewelry like twinkling earrings and heart-warming necklaces, crafted not just for some, but for all.

We don't stop there; our shelves dance with shirts and sweet accessories for tiny ones, big kids, and adults, because style speaks in every size. Precious, our heart's melody and fashion-forward spirit, wears confidence like a crown. Her belief is simple and powerful: “Just because you have a disAbilty; does not mean you can’t be stylish"

Take our hand at PK, Inc., where together, we celebrate every story, champion every dream, and create a world that gleams with the beauty of diversity.


More About Precious: Precious, a fighter since birth, was born via C-Section on 05/03/2001.  She has experienced much trauma since birth but was a fighter then; and is still a fighter 21 years later.  She experienced respiratory distress, swallowed meconium during the birthing process and spent 2 weeks in NICU.  While in NICU she had a platelet transfusion.  On her journey Precious has been diagnosed with many illnesses such as Hyperthyroidism (Graves disease) which is uncommon with Down Syndrome, Insulin Resistant, Apraxia of Speech, ADHD, Asthma, Seizure Disorder. She uses an adaptive stroller due to having weakness in her left side and is not able to walk for long periods of time. 

Despite it all Precious is a graduate of St. Michaels Special Lower School in New Orleans, Louisiana,  and is a Graduate of Dulles High School Batch 2021 in Sugar Land, TX. She was the 2017 Queen, 2018 Best Dressed Miracles Beauty Pageant, and 2015 Queen Seals Class Act.
Precious is a member of GiGi's Playhouse, The Down Syndrome Association, NDSS( National Down Syndrome Society), NDSC (National Down Syndrome Congress), DSAH (Down Syndrome Association of Houston, DSAGNO (Down Syndrome Association of New Orleans), and BDSA (Black Down Syndrome Association).  She played Baseball with the Miracle League in New Orleans for over 5 years. She is presently with the Dream League in Fort Bend County, Texas. She loves everything Princess-themed, Beyonce', dancing, coloring, eating French fries, and having her nails, hair, and make-up professionally done. She loves to play baseball and watch her younger brother play basketball. Her favorite NFL team is the New Orleans Saints and her NBA team is the New Orleans Pelicans.  She sets her own trend and wants the world to know "Just because you have a disABILITY; it doesn't mean you can't be STYLISH!"