Resource and Referral Program

Precious Kreations, Inc. is aware that many parents in the African American and those of underprivileged communities have children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities but lack the knowledge as it regards resources to assist families and children living with disabilities.  The organization will assist new parents as well as less informed parents with older kids with referrals on a wide variety of topics, such as child care, doctor referrals (necessary screenings, special instruction, physical therapy, speech therapy, etc.), home and community based services, local and national support groups, national associations for specific disabilities and local chapters, educational entities and advocates (support with IEP, advocacy, etc.), Foundations for free resources or early intervention programs.

Resources Web Links:

National Down Syndrome Congress

National Down Syndrome Society

GiGis playhouse

Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans

Down Syndrome Association of Houston

People with Disabilities | COVID-19 - CDC

Black Down Syndrome Association (BDSA)

Buddy Cruise

National Down Syndrome Society

Buddy Walk

Houston Buddy Walk®

Families Helping Families of Greater New Orleans