Parent Support and Advocacy Program

Our Parent Support Program is designed to assist and guide parents of children with Down syndrome and other disabilities with:

Emotional support and understanding

Up-to-date information on Down syndrome or disability of their child Information on local services, such as Early Intervention programs

Enlightment and advocacy to assure kids are receiving proper educational resources

Introduction to community parent groups and other resources

Helping new parents with coping skills to face to challenges of having a child with a disability


Parent support services are available to parents of kids all ages that are living with Down Syndrome or other disabilities.  We understand that the need for support may not be consistent for some parents but is ongoing. Perhaps parents have transitioned a child to a new school district and encountering problems accessing necessary educational resources for the child.  Precious Kreations, Inc. will assist the family in advocating for the child because many parents don’t know their rights and the rights that are already established for their child as a result of their disability.